Entrepreneurship For kids

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Entrepreneurship For kids

By:  Tamara Yaghi (10 years old)


Hey guys, today I want to discuss with you about entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs are people who can turn ideas into business which help the world, solve problems and make life easier.  To become a creative entrepreneur you need to read more about successful entrepreneurs like Fadi Ghoundour, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Reid Hoffman.  You also have to have self-esteem, strong vocabulary, imagination and be an excellent leader.  If you want to become one, you must focus in school a lot because it will benefit you a lot by being knowledgeable in all subjects.

My brothers are working on a social network called Chillax.   Listening to them discuss Chillax made me learn a lot about thinking and converting my ideas to something useful.  I decided to create a “Chillax Kids” and I now became the head of it.  I wanted to create Chillax Kids for kids from the age of 5 and older can mingle with each other whenever they want, using voice recording, different backgrounds, and joyful fonts.

The most thing I loved about Chillax Kids was the fist couple of days because I spent so much time just gathering ideas and then drawing the pages.

Now, whenever I go out, I proudly tell all my friends that I am the “Head of Chillax Kids”.  I loved being called a 10-year-old girl entrepreneur, it makes me feel so proud of myself.  I am learning so much from my brothers and reading about successful entrepreneurs.

Well, since you are still reading, it looks like you are interested so if you can, go on YouTube and watch a show called “Ted”, it will help you by giving you ideas and increase your creativity.


http://www.kidpreneurs.org — You’ve heard the saying Its never too late. We say, Its never too early! Even children can be introduced to basic business principles and the rewards of entrepreneurship.  Tomorrow’s future starts today.


Watch these videos for a starter: 

https://youtu.be/A7ksEuymbmU  and   https://youtu.be/9zDBxaYQZpU


I hope this article inspires you to become a special entrepreneur!

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