Going to Space

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Going to Space


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Going to Space

by Sama Yaghi


I went to space with my family when I was four, for a holierday. We brought some food. There was some chicken, meat, cubkumber, cake, cookie and vegetable.


When we finished getting ready we went on the rocketship.


The rocketship went 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 it exploed!  It flew really fast, as fast as a cheeter.


When we were bord Eli and I played hide and seek. When we arrvid Eli and I looked out the window, we went "WOW! IT'S AMaZING Mum and dad!"


We got out of the rocketship then I saw a spoty alien in a space ship. I said to my mum, "can I have a ride please?" My mum said, "yes! You can."


Then I went in the aliens spaceship. I went "WOW WEEE THIS IS AMAZing. I love riding with you," I said to the spoty alien.


Then we stopped, I was hungry so my mum took out some food from the rocketship. We had some chicken and meat it was as chewy as grass.


Then we were tired and went to sleep.  Goodnight.



please click to here to hear me telling the story


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