Student Council Campaigning

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Student Council Campaigning
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Mohamed Yaghi

Campaign Speech for Student Council at BISJ


Gooooooooooood morning, standing before you the greatest of all times, the Mission Impossible Leader,  Mohamed Yaghi

Hello, Bonjour, Salamo Alaykom, hola,

I’m running for student council, because of you and for you; and truly I’m the Change You Need.

You know who I am, and for the ones who don’t know me, I shall give a brief:

Teachers say “Mohamed defines the benchmark.”  I’m popular, smart, and a helper.  My attendance has always been close to 100%, though I’m sure many of you had valid excuses for not having such a good attendance record.  I’m known for my generous helping hand; I’m not selfish with my knowledge because I am confident and I Love My School and You!  Proudly, I’m standing up because of you, for you.

I’m a recognized leader and leadership is never easy.  Leaders are not bullies, rather they are servants to their cause.

Listen up now, I have all it takes to represent you.  I’m never afraid to speak up and I don’t piss in my pants when I challenge a teacher or the principle.  I am a truly recognized leader at BISJ.  I’m a knowledge sharing professional, skilled mathematician, geographer, multi-lingual, computer geek, and popular.

BISJ, thank you.  BISJ, you are my incubator who made me what I am today.   Thank you for creating this body to allow us, the students; to share with you the planning and management of our leading school. We are not hear to hinder the progress of the school rather we shall put in-front of you-ideas and actions to make BISJ even more recognized for academic excellence!

Fellow students, I’m your voice and messenger.   I will not allow anyone to stop me from delivering your message, because  Mohamed Yaghi is the Mission Impossible legend

My dear colleagues, you are the best and we shall remain united and the best.  Each one of us is unique and we represent over 60 countries.  Yet, we are ONE.  

Remember, Mohamed Yaghi is  the Change you Need

Thank you very much for voting for me;

Au revoir,   Cao,   Shukran!

Mohamed at Gitex  (student council p_2)

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