The Last Interview with The Last Prophet

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The Last Interview with The Last Prophet


This is a symbolic  interview with Prophet Mohamed, the prophet of Islam and the last prophet on earth.  Mohamed (PBUH) was well respected and was often referred to by both his friends and enemies as the ‘Al-Ameen’ (the trustworthy) and the ‘Sadiq’ (the honest).  The interview took place in Mecca in year 630AD, two years before the death of Prophet Mohamed.  It was conducted by Chris Ilyas, a recognized Christian priest from Yemen.


Chris Ilyas:  Good after-noon respected Mohamed.  Thank you very much for accepting my invitation to this interview.  Please tell us briefly how life is treating you these days?


Prophet (PBUH):  Asalamo Alaykom, praise be to Allah; everything in life is going O.K; just recently I was really excited and proud of my Muslim army who re-conquered Mecca, because all my life I wanted to save the Meccans from worshipping non-sense idols, such as: dates, rocks and the sun.  Finally, at the age of 60 I had achieved that goal, and have removed all the idols from the House of Worship.


Chris Ilyas:   Interesting! Mohamed how were you able to conquer such a strong city with powerful and vicious fighters?


Prophet (PBUH):  Chris, of course I’d love to tell you the strategies my army and I followed to defeat the Meccans. First of all, every day and night for an unbelievable long period of time; the great and powerful soldiers were practicing their fighting skills. Second, I clearly ordered the soldiers not to kill any children or women, not to enter people’s houses and only fight those who fought them, and to your surprise, this tactic shocked Meccans who were expecting my soldiers to chop heads off.  This had helped pave the way for many people to adopt Islam because of its mercy.


Chris Ilyas:   About 8 years ago I heard that you migrated to Medina, was there a specific reason?


Prophet (PBUH):  Oh no, I really had not expected you to ask, but I’m glad! Un-like the Meccans; who tortured my followers and I “24/7” the people of Medina opened their arms wide open welcoming us to into their homes and assured us safety and protection which we had needed badly at that time.  Our tiring and brave “350 Kilometer” migration marked the beginning of the Islamic Calendar (Al-Hijra).


Chris Ilyas:   Who were some of your most loyal followers?


Prophet (PBUH): Alhamdulillah (Thank God), I was blessed with many but the ones who top the list are: Omar, Ali, Othman and Abu Bakr.  Others who were very influential in my life were my first wife Khadija, and my uncle Abu Talib; both had passed away before we migrated.


Chris Ilyas:   What about the migration to Abyssinia?


Prophet (PBUH):  We fled from Mecca to Abyssinia to seek help from the rich, religious and highly respected Christian King “AL-Najashi”. The minute we arrived he assured us security in his territory for eternity, though we could not preach Islam, thus we did not stay there for long.


Chris Ilyas:   Mohamed, please share with me your first miracle ever!


Prophet (PBUH):  When I was about 40 years old, while I was resting in a cave (Hera’a) as usual, surprisingly an unknown voice softly whispered in my ear; “Mohamed, you are a very special person.  Allah wants you to be his messenger.”   Then he added, “read,” but I had replied; “I can’t read or write”. Then he forced me to repeat the following prayers, “I believe that there is no god but Allah, and his messenger is Mohamed” this indicated that a person was Musilm.


Chris Ilyas:   By the way and excuse me for asking, was Khadija your only wife?


Prophet (PBUH):   Actually, Chris I’ve had over 10 wives and it’s a fact!  You might think I’m a freak; in Islam a person is allowed to marry only 4 ladies. Though, my marriages weren’t for bad reasons, they were for political and religious purposes; and mainly for converting their tribes into Islam.  So go ahead and laugh!  


Chris Ilyas:   Mohamed as an ending for this informative interview please tell me all about your childhood.


Prophet (PBUH):  Bismillah. Approximately about 60 years ago, my mother Aminah, a poor woman from the Quraish Tribe gave birth to me. Unfortunately, I did not get to meet my father because he died before my birth; while mother passed away safely 6 years after my birth! Mecca was very beautiful, children could play numerous games, variety of food were sold on the streets, houses were made of mud, and people visited each other frequently.  Mecca was run by a rich and power family called “Quraysh.”


Chris Ilyas:   Prophet of Islam, last but not least, what is your vision for Islam?


Prophet (PBUH):  If God’s welling “in sha’ Allah”,  the Quran will be read by millions and Islam is practiced by billions.   Islam is a way of life:  it cures the heart, manages relations, defines economic systems, and sets guidelines for governments.   Islam was the religion of Ibrahim, Jesus, and Moses; and it is the last religion on earth.   


Chris Ilyas:   Thank you very much for your time and I wish you the best of health.


Prophet (PBUH):   It was my pleasure.


Amer Yaghi (12 years old)



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