The Terrifying Adventure

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The Terrifying Adventure

By:  Tamara Yaghi


‘’OMG! Look at this glittery, colorful and beautiful time machine!’’ I loudly screamed.

When I shouted, my glamorous and nosey friends Jasmin and Haleena ran like Tigers to know what had happened. 5 seconds later, they asked me what happened to you noisy Tamara? No Worries, No problem, I just was amazed at this big well decorated machine. ‘’ You’re right, how about we buy it,’’ Jasmin suggested.time-machine-1

‘’Great Idea JJ,’’ I agreed.

‘’No, No, No I am not going to spend $5000 on this useless machine plus we came here to buy my mum a vase as a gift for finishing her master’s degree,’’ Haleena argued.

‘’Calm down, we don’t have to argue, look unfortunately a women has bought the last vase in the shop, and all the other things your mum doesn’t like, ‘’ I explained.

After the silly conversation, Haleena said, ok but we will have to share this time machine, while Haleena paid the money to the shop keeper.   In a flash I noticed that the shop keeper was wearing navy blue shorts, Ray Ban glasses, white polo shirt, black polished shoes and a name tag that had the name Hadi printed on it.

The way he was dressed suited his classy well decorated shop at 5th Avenue, New York and it was playing beautiful tango music.  At the front doors of the shop there were two police men with German shepherds standing next to them. It’s so huge that it will take you 30 minutes to reach the other side that’s why they have 6 doors.


In a rush we returned to my house. We didn’t believe the travolator was real. So Haleena got inside and tried to program it. ‘’ guys check it out I did it! ‘’ Haleena exclaimed.

‘’Bravo, well done.‘’ I joyfully screamed.

‘’Then how about we get inside ‘’ Jasmin suggested.

When we got inside the machine it started shaking like a rocket taking off. I looked around and saw squared buttons and different colors on the walls. Suddenly it zoomed through the air like a racing car.

We are here! I cried.

Let’s go! Hadi replied.

Sure, we gasped.


As we slithered out of the rectangular escape hatch Haleena terrifyingly yelled “Ah run short skeleton with two Bazookas, white shirt, 

blue sho

rts and black shoes.” As we ran away Jasmin tripped over fountains and flower pots onto the grass and leaves. 

In this land there was no cars, police, people or even animals. It’s so hot in here, it’s like we’re in front of the sun.

“Hey guys, I just noticed, we’ve been here before.  It is Mars! Don’t you remember?” I informed my friends.

skeleton-1“Haleena, this is our second time visiting Mars.  Anybody got a camera?” I questioned with joy.

We heard a sound coming from far.   We ran to the time machine.  We tried to program it, but unfortunately the skeleton attacked me like a beast.   Jasmine quickly made a plan and whispered, “fix the machine!”  Then Jasmine shouted, “Tamara, handcuff the skeleton while I distract him.”  I tip toed like a spy behind the sk

eleton and handcuffed him.  “Haha, loser.” Haleena laughed.  We ran like maniacs back inside the travolator and programmed it successfully to 2014.

“Oh, my God, I feel so good and happy that we succeeded and escaped from those ugly scary skeletons.

Tick tock tac, the travolator zoomed through the rocky sandy air as we saw hundreds of skeletons approaching.   Finally we landed safely in my backyard garden. 

“Guys, I’m sick of this time machine.  How about we destroy it?” Jasmine suggested.

“Sure,” we all screamed agreeing. It was an amazing adventure, but freaky to death.  I do not want to repeat it again.  I sure want to go on a safe adventure.  “How about you?  Would you want to have an adventure like this? Not me!”, the I added “Anybody wants to join me in the next adventure?”


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