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Getting Traffic in SWARMS! (a tutorial)

I was in IKEA the other day.  Not to buy anything, mind you.

Our place in Dubai comes furnished and my wife and I are thinking that once we're settled, to buy a condominium in the new Palazzo Versace building under construction now.

But we were in Festival City following up some paperwork and had an hour to kill, so we thought we'd have a look.

I'd never been to IKEA before, and for all I know what I'm about to tell you is special to the Dubai branch (though I doubt it)

Their store layout was so strategic it was SCARY.

And I saw a real-life "internet marketing" lesson in action that I swore I had to share with you.

Here's what happened…

From the moment we walked in, someone offered us a bag to fill with shopping–a micro-commitment designed to make us feel obligated to return the "favour" by buying SOMETHING.

An escalator took us to the main showroom where entire Living Area setups were on display.

We walked through and admired the décor, carrying our empty little bag like a couple of silly-billy's.

About this time, we needed to dash off to an appointment and had to leave quickly.

But rather than turn back (I have an AWFUL sense of direction), we continued the "tour".

Soon we were in the Kitchens section, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Critiquing the décor and getting some inspiration.

Every few seconds, something would catch my wife's eye and she'd stop to admire it.

Before we knew it, we'd toured the ENTIRE show-room, where our bag would have honestly been useless unless we were interested in picking up some candles or accessories along the way.

But at this point, we saw the IKEA food-court.

And had we not been in a rush, I realized in that instant, that if we entered the store to see bathrooms,we would have been forced to consume ONE BY ONE every sales pitch they had before it, UNTIL we reached the section we wanted.

It was so systematic, one had no choice but to follow the tour exactly as the IKEA higher-ups had planned it.

These were high-ticket sales pitches, and they were shown to us FIRST.

By now, IKEA knew it was more likely that we hadn't bought anything at all (by nature, a high-ticket sale such as a Living Room would only sell to someone who really wanted it…the rest would be just browsing).

That's why the food-court was placed HALF-WAY through the tour.

Yes, it was half-way, because there was a whole downstairs section I'll get to in a minute.

See the food-court was designed to MAKE you commit to at least ONE purchase

A low-end food or drink sale was all they needed to make.

And it was the exact right moment to offer it.

Had we not been in such a rush, we probably would have stopped to grab a snack.

But we continued on.

At the bottom of the stairs, there was a Trolley section.

IKEA knew that if they were likely to make an "upsell" or a new "sale" it would occur in this "self-serve" section.

Here you could pick up a disassembled table or shelf or chair or whatever else you ACTUALLY needed.

Most of the sales were going to happen here so trolleys were provided.

Even that section was mazed with shelves that you HAD to browse, in order, all the way until you reached the check-out counter. There was no turning back, there was no cutting-across.

We were lucky enough to escape without spending a cent, only because we were in a rush.

It was honestly quite remarkable how scientific and well-thought out their sales funnel was.

It was flawless.

It forced the customer to take a moment to consume EVERY product they offered, one by ne.

And all their high-ticket sales were pitched FIRST, even though customers were least likely to buy them.

I've met very FEW Internet Marketers who really understood how to setup a sales process that's right for them.

For you, it may be to offer a buffet of your products.

Or to sell progressively more expensive products.

Or to start with several micro-commitments.

Or to offer progressively CHEAPER products.

It depends on your business.

Most Internet Marketers, even "good ones", have very scattered product offerings, or worse…

Many think that the ONLY approach is pitch a VERY CHEAP product first…in the hope of locking a customer into a "small commitment" before they begin selling what they really want to sell.

This is a misguided notion to "get immediate monetization" and break-even on traffic costs. I completely disagree with it. And it's not appropriate for everyone.

You can LOSE income with this approach if your customer perceives from the first product that you have only LOW-VALUE products to offer them.

At YaghiLabs, we use part of the IKEA approach.

We know most people won't buy our high-end services, but they'd be interested in browsing them.

At some point in time they WILL be back…but if we don't pitch those first, our customers may never know they exist or get the wrong impression that we don't offer services at all. Low-ticket training programs, consultations, and coaching are pitched later.

But this is OUR approach.

Every business is unique, and the WRONG sales process will produce significantly LESS traffic, FEWER sales, and less money to re-invest in traffic.

We realize this.

It's why I designed our new Done-WITH-You Traffic Coaching program with customization in mind…so each student is handled uniquely so you can create the traffic and sales approach that is best for you.

The approach that will get you the MOST customers who spend the MOST money with you, and get you fastest returns.

We have a Traffic System that gets you traffic the SAME night you turn your campaign on…but it's infinitely more profitable and scalable with the right sales funnel.

…And ongoing review…which is what we aim to help you with in our 12-month coaching program.

Here's the link for more info:


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