Why No One Buys Your Stuff

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Why No One Buys Your Stuff

…and how we can show you what to do about it!

So last night, I took my wife to visit relatives.

We decided to pick up a cake from a famous dessert shop here in Amman. There were many delicious options to choose from all safely kept behind large glass cases.

But I did not end up buying a cake.

Know why?

The cakes had no labels on them…

No price

No description

Not even a NAME!

I had no problem asking one busy staff member about an amazing looking cake with chocolate icing: “What’s in this?”

“It has fruit and cream,” said the cakeir.

Ermm…How about this, I continued?

More ingredients were rattled off to me.

“And how much does this cost?” I inquired. He made no secret of his agitation.

Finally, I chose a cake at random so I wouldn’t ask any more questions. Took the receipt and went to the cashier to pay.

“Do you take Visa?” I asked.

“No. Cash only.” The cashier replied shortly.

Okiedokie then. I walked out.

And just like that, they lost a sale they ALMOST had.

The lesson…

When in business, you should be prepared for all kinds of questions (some good and some stupid)…

But when you’re paying for advertising, it would be outright retarded to not anticipate and ANSWER the most important and common questions your customer asks.

At YaghiLabs, our customers have a lot of questions too. In fact, it takes two full time employees just to respond to all the emails we get.

We get questions like,

“How can I get more traffic to my offer”


“Can you still get traffic with Google PPC?”

…but we rarely receive questions on product descriptions or how much they cost.

And there’s a very good reason for this.

We believe our “traffic” should have all the information they need to make a buying decision.

All our products, their descriptions, and prices are listed right here:

And if you care about traffic, invest in it, and focus on learning it…then you too should ensure potential customers don’t walk away with questions unanswered.

Link to and describe (with prices) all your products. And make the information available from EVERY page.


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